Why Calendars Make For the Perfect Business Gift

A proven way to speed up your results and achieve the goals you want in life is by effective planning your days, weeks and months. However that’s often easier said than done. After all, when you’ve got a chunk of free time, who wants to spend it planning other stuff? Just because something is essential doesn’t mean it gets done! Enter the good old business gift calendar – and everything changes.

At first glance, when you go free printable calendar 2022 looking for a unique business gift you’ll find there’s probably a thousand different gifts available. But calendars stand out. Not only are they super practical (they allow us to plan for ‘future dreams’) but they can be customized specifically to fit your needs, turning them into a highly thoughtful, and very personal gift too.

The trouble is of course is that the good old personalized calendar costs too much. But does it really? (And how many are you planning on giving as a business gift?)

On that note, if you still think that cambridge homes for sale printing a calendar is too expensive, then look out for online discounts. (You can join up to the printable calendar site’s email list if need be). Sometimes you can find they’ll offer discounts of up to 70% which can be quite significant. Look for these sort of discounts around holiday periods or Christmas etc.

A little online research will show that you can make your own calendar for about $20 and often a lot less. That’s probably the low end of a good business gift expense. And look what you get.

You get to give a calendar that your friend, boss, clients or customers will potentially look at all year round. It might even have her favorite photo on it, and be customized with her name or favorite quotation. Can you see how powerful this is? Plus you can always give her or him a mini calendar too if you want to keep your gift giving subtle and discreet, and reduce the expenses even more.

Like I said, there’s a whole truck load of business gifts you could really give to a colleague, coworker or your friendly manager. But calendars stand out a mile. They’re practical, get used on a daily basis, look great, get hung up on the wall so everyone can see them (advertising opportunity!) and can inspire and motivate people. So the next time gift giving comes around, keep that thought in mind!