Non Profit silent Auction ideas

Running a non profit organization is not an easy thing to do. Once you formed a non profit organization, you will realize that having good thoughts and will to do good things for other is not sufficient. You need money at every corner. One of the ways to raise money is through non profit auction.

There are two ways to conduct non profit silent auction item ideas auction. You can have a silent auction or you can go online! Yes! Online auction has become very popular over the years. Online auctions make it easy for people to bid for the item and they do not have to move out of the house to do it!

When you are conducting a non profit auction make sure to do your research. The items for auction should be unique and imaginative. You could ask for donations from various merchants and display the items in an attractive manner. If the event is followed by a banquet you will achieve two things simultaneously. You could charge a fee to enter and let the people have good time at the auction.

Ensure that the venue is spacious. Let the guests roam around freely. Make sure your check out plan is in place as people do not like to wait! If you have managed to call any celebrity to attend the auction or donate some personal artifacts it will be an added attraction for the non profit auction for the organization.

Make sure that the hall is decorated nicely. There should be some background music on. The items to be auctions are displayed nicely. The timing is announced properly. So people will have enough time to look at the items and make up their minds about what they want to bid. If the banquet is to be followed by the auction make sure that the auction is over in about one hour. May be fifteen minutes can be given as a grace time for the late comers. They get an opportunity to bid. As the closing time comes near, make sure to announce it clearly. You can have a count down for last five minutes.

After the closing of non profit auction and before the main speaker takes the mike, get the volunteers to pack the items won by the highest bidder so that as his name is announced he will get the item without much delay. Also make sure that you have lots of change and that you have provision to accept credit cards.

You could auction services such as dinner for two or auction some holiday package for two. If it is your first auction make sure to note down everything such as what was very popular, and what was not. Which items were bided quickly and which were left on the table. This will give you an idea for your next non profit auction. You should also consider the timing, the menu, the feed back from the contributors. All this will help you in organizing a better auction next time.