Digital Marketing Strategies That Won’t Work Anymore in 2022 and Why

In the fast-paced world that we live in today, consumers have more options to compare goods and test out services before they make any purchases than ever before. Therefore, you must carefully consider which online advertising strategies to use when developing your campaign. After all, practices that might have worked before may no longer produce the same results now. Some may even do more harm than good.

To keep you from making any potentially costly mistakes, we’ve listed down some of the digital marketing techniques that aren’t acceptable anymore in 2022. So without further ado, here are the techniques you’ll want to leave far behind. 

  • Aggressive consumer data collection 

In the digital era, few things are more critical to the success of a business than consumer information. Unfortunately, however, many continue to make the mistake of being too aggressive with the data collection practices, be it email spamming or overbearing messages. As a result, most users tend to feel uneasy because they feel that their privacy is being invaded, and they end up being less inclined to share information.

Avoid being domineering in your approach. Instead, be more subtle with the way you tackle the task. Always remain professional, whether you use surveys, focus groups, marketing analysis, or social media monitoring. 

  • Keyword spamming

Back in the early days of search engine optimization, the practice of spamming keywords to appear high on the search rankings used to be acceptable. However, nowadays, it’s considered a Blackhat technique and will likely result in penalties instead. Avoid spamming your targeted keywords. Always try to incorporate the phrases and terms into your content as naturally as possible. It’s also worth considering the services of an expert. Doing so will get you favorable results much quicker than you otherwise would have.

  • Quantity over quality

It’s easy to see why most businesses use content marketing at one level or another. After all, it allows them to attract and engage users like no other. While it’s imperative to have a steady stream of material published regularly online, it’s never a good idea to compromise the quality of the content in the process. As such, you must focus on quality above all. In this way, you’ll be able to keep people interested in the content. 

  • Using outdated case studies

When presenting case studies for marketing, you must never use outdated ones. You should also avoid any agencies that do because they’re likely to be ineffective. They need to be no more than a year old to be viable to build digital marketing strategies. It may require more effort, time, and resources to get recent ones, but it’ll make a difference.


Digital marketing has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to compete on an even playing field. However, despite its accessibility, it can be confusing to know which techniques work and which don’t. So be sure to avoid the strategies listed above and consider familiarizing yourself with local SEO strategies because this is the trend that you need to look out for in 2022. 

Ron Evan Del Rosario is a Digital Marketing specialist and a writer who enjoys writing about traveling, psychology, and digital marketing. Nearly four years ago, he accidentally stumbled into the digital marketing field. Currently, he is based in Taiwan, taking up an MBA with a marketing focus. In his free time, he enjoys karaoke, window shopping, and watching Netflix.