3 benefits of using stickers in your product packaging

How can stickers help you elevate your product packaging? Maybe you have never considered using stickers for marketing before because we think of them as kids’ toys rather than advertising tools. But it is time to think again. 

Stickers have been used for marketing purposes since Ancient Egypt, where pieces of papyrus were stuck to products using animal fats to indicate prices. Today, we can be a bit more inventive, having turned away from papyrus long ago and working mostly with vinyl materials.

With custom vinyl stickers, you can effectively enhance your packaging and your customers’ brand experience. In this article, we will share some of the benefits your business can experience when using stickers.

  1. Make it custom 

The move away from a children’s toy to a marketing powerhouse can mostly happen through customization. This is why we recommend investing in custom stickers. By choosing those, you will not be stuck with generic designs you have to share with other brands. 

Instead, you are in full creative control. You can send in your own artwork, find your favorite material and choose the shape and size of your stickers freely. Many sticker printers like this one even offer a free online design tool that allows you to create your artwork from scratch without any experience. 

With custom stickers, you can create stickers and labels that are tailor-made for your product. Creating a premium look like this also allows your business to jump the queue, as great quality stickers immediately improve the look of your packaging, meaning you can compete with the big brands.

  1. Save money

Especially as a small business, you are likely working with a restricted budget that can seemingly limit the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But this does not have to be the case. 

Stickers can become your ultimate branding solution. They are very versatile and cannot only be used on your packaging but your shipping boxes and envelopes, shopping bags, storefront, or even vehicles. 

On top of that, stickers are a very low-cost marketing tool. Often, they only come to a few cents per sticker. This makes them a very low-risk investment. When you use them to brand your packaging, you automatically save money when ordering your packaging materials, as you can simply bulk order them plainly. 

  1. Keep it interesting

Even the best product packaging can lose its effect on consumers over time. What made use chuckle or smile before can quickly become familiar. How can you avoid this pitfall when you have invested so much time in perfecting your packaging? 

If you are using stickers to brand your products, you are incredibly flexible and can switch your themes regularly. Now, we are not talking about a complete re-brand. In fact, you want to keep all the elements that help customers recognize your brand. 

But it is time to think outside the box. Run a limited edition packaging that has seasonal stickers on. Work with a local charity to create awareness for their cause. Collaborate with designers to achieve different looks for your packaging. With stickers, there are no limits to your creativity. 

Are you ready to tackle your product packaging with custom stickers in 2022? Then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment, remark, or question in the comments below